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We now offer therapy and surgical lasers that can relieve pain, reduce bleeding, and decrease swelling and healing time! 

Routine surgeries include  but are not limited to spays and neuters for dogs, cats, and even pigs and rabbits! C-sections and artificial inseminations are other services that we provide.

We also perform large animal castration for horses, cattle, etc.

Other nonroutine surgeries include: fracture repairs, growth removals, emergency traumatic wound care, and more!

Wellness exams


Dental cleanings

Nail trims

Anal gland expression



We offer a variety of services for small, large, and exotic companion animals.  This is a list of common services offered, but we offer many other services not listed - please call and ask if you have something specific you need.  



Routine Care


  • Including OFA X-Rays

In-House Blood Machines 

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Blood Chemistry

  • Thyroid

  • Progesterone

  • Phenobarbital

  • Kidney/Liver Screening

  • Diabetic Screening

  • Heartworm Testing

Parvo Testing​

Fecal Testing (intestinal parasites)

Coggins Testing

Standing Artificial Inseminations

and more!

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