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We keep a large range of Hills Science Diet prescriptions foods in stock, as well as their puppy foods.  We also have several options for treats, some of which are compatible with their prescription foods.  

Pill pockets are one of our best sellers.  These tasty treats make it a breeze to give pills to your pet.  

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach is kept in stock for our allergy dogs.



We have an extensive in-clinic pharmacy and keep most medications that your pet will need in stock.  We also have several other products we keep on hand for your convenience.  Anything we don't have available in-clinic, we are able to special order, or can provide in our online pharmacy. 

Food & Treats



We keep a wide range of prescription medications and over the counter medications in stock, including medicated shampoos, joint supplements, anxiety medications, milk replacer, etc.

We keep a wide range of Lupine collars and leashes available.  Our collars are available in buckle and martingale style.

The great thing about Lupine is that they will replace any chewed collars or leashes for free as long as you have the pieces!

We also keep several different types of Elizabethan collars in stock.  These are ideal for after surgeries or if we need to keep your pet from licking/chewing themselves for some other reason.

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